About JannyAI - You might be wondering...

What is this site?

JanitorAI is removing bot definition from their page. Which is totally useless and stupid.

We make this site so that users can view the full bot definition/bot description and download it to use in other sites or SillyTavern.

How to use this site?

Just replace janitorai.com with jannyai.com and you should be able to view the bot definition.

Why hating JanitorAI?

JanitorAI is built upon the open-source code of VenusAI.

The author of VenusAI make sure bot definition are public and cards can be downloaded to play well with that current chatbot ecosystem (Chub/SillyTavern).

JannyAI removes the bot download button and hides bot definition, which is a selfish, asshole move and does not play nice with the ecosystem.

Any JanitorAI alternatives?

  • GPT Girlfriend - Chats with image and voice generation
  • CandyAI - Chats with image and voice generation
  • SillyTavern - Best ChatUI, lot of features, very advanced
  • MoeMate - Unlimited chats with image and voice generation
  • RisuAI - Lot of features, voice chat, image gen.
  • AgnAI - Lot of features, group chat, support multiple back-end.